Bonfils vignobles

With their origins in Brittany, Bonfils have the sea and the terroir in their blood.
In 1870 Joseph Bonfils, a young teacher, contested the governing regime, as did many others, and participated in the breakaway government of the Paris Commune. This brief insurrection was violently repressed and as a result Joseph had to seek exile in Algeria. It was thus far from his homeland that he was to meet his future wife, Honorine Dorvaux, whose family was originally from Alsace.

At Mostaganem, a small town on the Mediterranean coast not far from Oran, the climate is harsh and the soil hard, but the plateau is fertile thanks to the generous irrigation of the river. It was Honorine at that time who established a smallholding by tirelessly planting vines, far from imagining that she was creating the Bonfils heritage. The trade in wine began, and the Bonfils family bought several more properties, working with their three children Gabriel, Abel and Alfred, and later their grandchildren.

At the beginning of the nineties his son Laurent, then aged 25 and recently graduated, started to shape the future of Domaine de Cibadies. With the support of his elder brother, Olivier, he decided to add value to the production and began the bottled wine trade. It was then the turn of Jérôme to join the business. Three boys, each one taking responsibility for a domain and a specific role: Jérome the vineyards, Olivier the winemaking and Laurent the sales and management side of Vignobles Bonfils. Complementarity, sharing of responsibilities and the spirit of enterprise…. more than just a family brought closer through adversity, Bonfils are a real team and always make important decisions together. A true family spirit!