Alcohol vol – 40%

Bulbash® vodkas is a lineup of soft, refined, and balanced vodkas based on ‘Lux’ alcohol. Refined flavor is achieved .through grain, birch buds, honey, and rye croutons infusion. We stick meticulously to our recipes and only use natural components. This is key to high quality of our products.

Soft and balanced classical vodka. Charcoal and silver filtration, ‘Lux’ alcohol, Artesian water, and natural ingredients (oat flakes, dried grapes, and honey infusion) enrich this vodka’s taste and make it full and subtle.


• Gold medal “Prodexpo 2011” in Moskow
• Gold medal “INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT CHALLENGE 2010” in London

Available in: 100 ml / 200 ml / 700 ml