Baltika #0




Production of Baltika No. 0 beer started in 2001. Since its launch, Baltika No. 0 has been the most recognizable non-alcoholic brand and undisputable leader in the segment, owning 60 % of non-alcoholic beer market.

Baltika No. 0 is produced using a unique technology that removes the alcohol content while preserving the beer’s full flavour.

Equipment installed at Baltika Breweries allows to use the most advanced method of non-alcoholic beer production. Due to the classical recipe and high-quality materials, Baltika No. 0 has the traditional lager taste and aroma with sweetish notes.

Baltika No. 0 is exported to 47 countries worldwide, including the USA, Israel, Cuba, Japan, New Zealand, Germany and Ireland.

Baltika No. 0 was awarded as the best beer in the «Non-alcoholic beer» category in 2011 and 2012, has received the 2nd grade diploma of X annual festival of beer, wine and vodka and other alcoholic products in 2013.

less than 0.5% by volume.


Available in: 470 ml bottles