Borjomi is mineral water of volcanic origin and by natural criteria counts more than 1500 years. Pushed out by the natural carbonic gas it comes on the earth’s surface from depth of 8-10 kilometers.

Unlikely to other sodium bicarbonate types of water Borjomi doesn’t get cool underground and comes out being warm (38-41 °С). On its way water is enriched with 60 different minerals, contained in The Caucasian mountains solids.

The power of nature


Due to unique mineral complex of volcanic origin found in Borjomi  this natural mineral water works as a «shower from within» and cleans body very well. Besides, it increases immunity and is efficient by prophylaxis and treatment of the digestive system and metabolism diseases.

According to nutrition hygiene specialists because of modern negative ecologic conditions and unbalanced nourishment man is «acidic from outside and from within», what means that PH balance is of a human body today is displaced to acid. Regular consumption of Borjomi allows to normalize PH level and to create optimal conditions for metabolic processes of the body. Borjomi also improves functioning of intestines and supports slag excretion.

As the mineral composition of this water is well balanced, it is traditionally drunk as table water. Borjomi contains calcium for example less than 100 mg, what is allowable for daily consumption.