Ella Valley Cabernet Franc



Cabernet Franc wine is produced in a winery made from 2003.
The 2012 vintage was excellent in its characteristics, relatively warm, which contributed to full phenolic ripening and produced rich, complex wines with high aging potential.

Alcohol vol – 15%

Style – Red Dry – Full body

Color – Bordeaux

Aging – 14 months in a French oak barrel

Varietal – 90% Cabernet Franc grapes, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Aroma – Compressed nose with aromas that are characteristic of a variety of menthol, white pepper and cherry.

Palate – Continues the nose in its complexity and intensity. Medium bodied, rough, rich in red fruit, cloves and spices supported by dusty tannins and together leading to a long finish.

A wine in his start point with high aging potential. Will give great value to those who have patience.


Available in: 750 ml