Godet Gastronome



Fine Champagne AOC
The appellation Fine Champagne is given to Cognac, whose blend is composed of the two crus of the heart of the appellation: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne.
In 1838, Augustin Godet, 10th generation, developed a new distillation curve that produced an ultra-dry spirit. This Cognac is made from raw from the heart of the Cognac region: Grande and Petite champagne. It facilitates the digestion of meals of fine gourmets. Gastronome is a floral Cognac with a fruity nose in the mouth. Its aging is done in oak barrels of 400 liters, then 250 liters. The assembly is harmonized in our future centenaries of 6000 liters. This Cognac is a little younger than an XO

Blend: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne
Alcohol: 40% Vol.

Tasting Note:
The Gastronome is a cognac ultra dry and light. Its aromas of orange blossom, violet and irises are of a rare delicacy for this Fine Champagne
Best in Class: International Wine & Spirits, London 2005
Bronze Medal: International Wine & Spirits, London 2000
Recommendation: International Exhibition, Philadelphia 1876


Available in: 700 ml