Memoro Bianco

Alcohol vol: 13%

Classification: Vino d’Italia
Grapes: 50% Viognier, 20% Chardonnay, 20% Vermentino, 10% Pecorino
Tasting Notes: Expansive nose of pear and honey, with just a touch of breadcrust. Elegant on the palate, showing excellent concentration, soft tannins and fleshy taste. Elements of driedherbs and polished wood on the finish. Serve it at 12°C with creamy sauces & poultry.

Winemaker: Antonella Conti

Wine flows through the historical veins of every corner of Italy. Our family has been part of the Italian wine history for IV generations, since 1882. With our roots deep into the territory of Tuscany, it is the very first time when we take up the challenge to create a wine that would not only taste Italian, but feel Italian. We chose a compass rose for our label, to send an invitation to experience in one bottle four different grape varietals, each typical expression of a distinct Italian region. Memoro truly emerged as a cuvee wine born fro 4 corners of Italy. An unique project that is not only a tribute to the great Italian culture of which we are part, but born from our Family’s Italian pride.