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About Us – Eurostandart

Eurostandart Ltd. – Company Profile

The Eurostandart company was established in 2003 and is specialized in the Import, Marketing and Distibution of leading food and beverage brands from all over the world.
The company has a business relationships with the best suppliers worldwide; those relationships were built on mutual trust and fairness that have been strenghten over the years of working together.
We import and exclusively represents world-renowned brands which are marketed in all European countries. Those brands, are under Eurostandart exclusive distribution and reseller organized retail market and private market image: bars, restaurants, hotels and professional shops from the  Wine & Liqueurs sector.
The company’s portfolio of products includes a wide variety as: Vodka, Whiskey, Wines, Cognac, Vermouth, Beers, Mineral water, Energy drinks and from the Food sector, Pastas, Mayonaisse, Canned food, Dressings, Porridges, Coffee of various kinds and many more.
The company has a nationwide sales personnel that provide services and solutions to all our customers. Eurostandart sales force is equipped with an innovative online orders in front of company headquarters allowing to address real, available and reliable to the customer.
The company has an independent logistics distribution network with a fleet of trucks across the country. This distribution network operates advanced computerized system which controls the orders, inventories and delivery to the customer, which gives the advantage of quality, availability, and willingness to all our clients.
Eurostandart Ltd. operates steadily to increase the volume and type of products it imports and markets by accessing new markets and expanding customer base.
We believe in credibility, integrity and fairness and with a constant desire to learn ,improve and be efficient – our success also came.
We took a big challenge and decided to fulfill it for you!
Our lives are more enjoyable and exciting when we discover new tastes; Eurostandart reveals new tastes from the world, cultures, family, yours.
We, at Eurostendart, are happy to bring them to you.
The rich experience of flavors and fragrances in a wide range of leading brands in the food and beverage industry.
“Eurostandart – World of Flavors”.