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Kauffman Vodka is a Russian brand of vodka produced in Moscow, Russia by the WH Import Company, one of the largest import and wholesale companies of beverage alcohol in Russia. Introduced in 2000 by Dr. Mark Kauffman, Kauffman Vodka is produced in limited quantities and is the only vodka to have a specific vintage. Several varieties are produced.

Kauffman Vodka is produced from the wheat of a single harvest; thus, it has a specific vintage.

Kauffman insists that each year, strict quality control measures be taken to ensure the optimal quality of the wheat crop.

As a result, Kauffman may not be produced in years when the wheat harvest is deemed substandard. To ensure only the highest quality, Kauffman is distilled fourteen times and filtered twice: once through birch coal, and once through quartz sand.

Kauffman’s meticulous multiple distillation and filtration – and unique certification under 11 patents issued by the Russian Federation – are guaranteed in a proprietary, drop-shaped bottle made of elite French glass.