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Between the Black Sea an Tiligul estuary located unique vineyards, the first of which were grown a century ago.

Soft climate, fertile soil and 46 parallel location (the same as the famous Beaujolais green wines region in France) allow to grow an origin grape from KOBLEVO wines. The two product ranges allow to enjoy all the taste available: Bordeaux and Sommelier. French charm contains not only in these names but also in exclusive style and label design.

Made of the noble wine paper and designed with professional painters prints they tell about old traditions of winemaking, their naturalness and environmental cleanness. As well as about unique feature that is felt in every drop of green grape wine KOBLEVO.

KOBLEVO wines are produced on the processing plant of the same name, that possesses more than 2500 hectares of vineyards, carried and treated the best way in Ukraine. This is why all KOBLEVO wines are produced of exclusively fresh grapes of the highest quality.

The vineyards are located in the unique natural zone between warm Black Sea and natural reserve – Tiligul estuary. Unique soil-climate conditions of this territory allow to grow the best European varieties of grape here.

All types of wine are available in KOBLEVO product range – dry, semidry, semisweet, desert and fortified. Besides there are unique products in the range, formulated and produced by Koblevo winemakers specially to satisfy local Ukrainian tastes. Francheska, Santa Lyuchiya, Josephine and others.