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Mendoza brands

Mendoza is the leading producer of wine in Argentina.

As of the beginning of the 21st century, the vineyard area in Mendoza alone was slightly less than half of the entire planted area in the United States and more than the area of New Zealand and Australia combined.

The majority of the vineyards are found in the Maipú and Luján departments. Located in the shadow of Mount Aconcagua, the average vineyards in Mendoza are planted at altitudes 600 to 1,100 m (2,000 to 3,600 ft) above sea level.

The soil of the region is sandy and alluvial on top of clay substructures and the climate is continental with four distinct seasons that affect the grapevine, including winter dormancy.

Historically, the region has been dominated by production of wine from the high yielding, pink-skinned varieties of Cereza and Criolla Grande but in recent years Malbec has become the regions most popular planting.