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Russian Beer

Russian Beer brands

Russia is a relative late-comer as a beer nation, but as of 2010 it had come to rank as the world’s fourth-largest beer market, after China, the United States, and Brazil.

Beer, pivo in Russian, is the second most popular alcoholic beverage, after vodka, and it is generally preferred to wine.

Russian beers are mainly lagers, and pale lagers are the most common.

In Russia, beer is categorized by color, not by style, or the yeast that ferments it.

Beer is therefore looked upon as simply light, red, semi-dark, or dark.

Russians purchase beer mostly in cans and PET bottles, and less frequently in glass bottles.

Russia’s brewing industry is dominated by Baltika Brewery.

Construction on the first Baltika factory began in 1978, but the first beers were not sold until 1990. The brewery now operates out of St. Petersburg. Baltika has expanded to 10 factories throughout Russia, and several of these are located in and around St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Baltika also exports to almost 40 countries. Israel Included.