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Vermouth brands

Vermouth is an aromatized, fortified wine flavored with various botanicals (roots, barks, flowers, seeds, herbs, and spices).

In 1850 Carlo Gancia, with his brother Edoardo, founded the “Fratelli Gancia” in Chivasso.
By exploiting and reworking the concepts learned in France and applying them to the Moscato grapes, typical of its area, Gancia created in 1865 a new type of Champagne, which he called Spumante Italiano.

Thus Carlo became the depositary and the author of the official rules of the first Italian Classic Method, the same ones still followed today. The current success of the Gancia range is due to the experiments and intuitions of 170 years ago.

Today Vermouth has become an inseparable part of the cocktail world and is a prominent ingredient in classic cocktails. Carlo Gancia would be proud.