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Rimon Caudalie

Pomegranate Wine

Aged for a minimum 10 Years.

This new, high-quality pomegranate wine is done with investment, thought and a lot of patience.

Flavors are characterized by depth and middle depths directly in the palate over time.

Filled with pleasure and heat the taste buds.

The wine is based on the knowledge, technology and experience of more than 200 years of production of Marsala wines in the port of Marsala in Seville.

The Blend features a dry pomegranate juice, pomegranate juice concentrated on a bonfire and pomegranate brandy.

After a 10-year sleep under full open sky, the liquid received complex and superior features of wood resin, shades of dark rum, complex caramel with characteristics of pomegranate fruit.



ABV: 22%

Available in: 750ml