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Alcohol: 12.5%

Type: Dry Red
Best enjoyed at: 14°C – 17°C after sufficient contact with air

Colour of opulent ruby. Bouquet of black mulberry, blackberry and cherry. Palate echoes with soft oak. Exuberant, yet velvety tannins are well balanced within the entire structure. The wine has excellent expressed vinosity. With age it may develop diamond-crystalline deposits, further showing its noble origin and revered handling.

Saperavi is Georgia’s endemic varietal and has all the noble characteristics making it one of the world’s most outstanding red wines. Saperavi is a rich, varietal, fruity wine of bountiful body and great vinosity.

Both red meat and game fried, grilled and stewed with spices. Excellent with mature cheeses of different styles.


Available in: 750 ml